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Mosaic: Hypnotically Orgasmic

Phoenicia Hotel is holding some pretty damn amazing restaurants up inside. I was invited to the 45th anniversary of the Lebanese/Chinese affairs and the theme behind it was Beijing 2 Beirut..and that is exactly what they did my dear MUFTers!!!!!! Everything was beautifully set and organized..whether it was the display of the exotic food items...


19 : For all ages

I wouldn’t leave a girl on an inter-city highway standing alone, not during the night not during the day, especially if she is 19… I’m not entirely convinced that a restaurant as big as 19 should be where it is actually located, but again of course, I could be wrong. While travelling between cities I’d...


Sellom : Missed the first step

Dear Sellom You stumbelled… I came in with MyCityBeirut  and Weelz On Meals very excited about this place, Weelz have been talking about it for 2 days now… So we arrived and got in to choose a table, i have to say the decoration was beautiful, with bright colors, the setup was nice and well-conceived. We sat down and...



It was the first time I hear about Kanater Annaya restaurant when my friend The Coach Chicho told me that I am invited alongside a group of foodies to try their exceptional wide variety of Lebanese oriental cuisine. As its name implies, this cozy restaurant is located in Annaya , one of the outstanding villages in...


The Circle – Poseidon’s Hangout

Trying to wear my shorts, but they didn’t fit, probably my love handles are getting more and more lovely. So I decided to call my dietitian Zesty and invite her to our gathering, as Gaston my partner, my brother and my friend couldn’t make it, so, she can control my calories ;). Was it a...


Spin The Hen

Neat, lit and clean… combining simplicity of design with wood, Spin the hen is certainly an interesting concept… but what is it really? Well it’s just another snack gone fancy… We (Coach Chicho and I) have ordered what should be his star item : the roasted chicken, and although it was of good quality, roasted...


Maison Mmmmmmm

SoMe letters of the alphabets have Many Many Meanings, soMe are siMply Magical, they transforM and take different forMs, they also can transforM and enhance an experience… You don’t believe Me? Okay, let’s take per exaMple the letter M… M stands for Many things in language… It seals your lips when you’re unable to express...

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