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Get Some Spices With Low Prices and “Get Grilled:

Let’s try something different, said Haru San. We searched on Zomato for a sandwiches place, and we found this hidden Gem with 4.4 rating. Let’s try it! Arrived at the place. Casual, small and friendly And the owner memorizes faces because he asked whether we were from here or not! Yes we are, and he...


Tri-S… Try-us… Try-us

It was sunny, it was noon, and we were scouting Hamra streets… Coach Chicho and I were hungry…  I was feeling like Asian food and the closest one to us was chopsticks (voir Grand Prix Chopsticks Dbayeh: ) But hey… Wait a minute, what’s that opened just next to chopsticks, no wait… it’s IN...


From Shogun with Love

The cold was setting seriously in… The wind was blowing… the smell of the sea floating in the air… Definitely not a time for bees to be flying… But there she was Striding in her Shoes… mine de rien… towards the building where our GPS led us… towards the Den of the Shogun… A Japanese...


Jaї Ho La La

A fan of your favorite page Yummy Lebanon (We bring the food experience to your screen) won the other day a free lunch with Chicho and myself… we were excited about it… we gave him the choice to choose his favorite food: It was Indian… Oh Surprise! I have been telling Chicho for days that...


Jap – Nihon no Resutoran

I have always had a fascination for Japanese traditions, history and art which inevitably attracted me to the Japanese cuisine… the traditional Japanese cuisine, not the one we are served here in Lebanon (actually, Lebanese mostly only know Zushi (Sushi) and its derivatives) So it was with great anticipation and pleasure that we were heading...


Grand Prix Chopsticks – Dbayeh

Sunny Race Day – 33°C air Temperature – 45°C Track Temperature After 2 Days of tweaking on our diet, we have decided that we were craving Chinese food: Chopsticks was a good choice for a lunch date, based on his reputation, time of day, traffic etc… We were looking forward enjoying a slow relaxed Chinese...