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Abd El Wahab has truly lived up to its NAME!!!

it scored a 9/10 on the MUFT.

Yesterday, I was part of Zomato’s foodie meetup and I must say that this Lebanese Cuisine Restaurant is amazing on so many levels!!

When I first arrived, the place was swamped with people of all ages and social classes. It means that it was not only designed for Upper Class people but rather for everyone to enjoy. That is because the prices are reasonable enough.

Moving on…I was a bit late for I was lost haha but the minute I came in and took my place, the waiter rushed in after me and asked me what would I like to drink (I chose orange juice). Looking further deeper into the service, it was truly remarkable because our waiter was literally roaming around our table like a hawk..constantly asking to change our plates…glasses…cutlery..ashtrays..and drinks. Bravo!! it is worth mentioning here as well that the Manager is a very humble people person 🙂

They first served us the cold mezze which constituted of: Tabboule, Fattoouch, Hummus, White cheese slices, Labne, Batenjen Mtabbal, Shakleesh, Kibbe nayye, and Warak enab. Then the hot mezze followed with R2a2at bi jibne, Sambousik bi lahme, Wings, Kibbi mi2lyi, Soujok, Makanek, and Fries.Last but not least, the oriental grilled platter was served and that included Kafta, Lahme, and Tawouk. Finally, seasonal fruits and sweets (Karabij, Mhallabiyi, and 3ismaliyi) were served.

To me the HIGHLIGHTS were:

1- Kibbe nayye…the herbs mix..the mushiness…the presentation..perfect amount of Bulgar..all were singing a happy lullaby to my stomach 🙂 10/10


2- Fattouch..clean lettuce leaves..juicy mixture..cucumbers..tomatoes and sumac..all marinated into perfection. 8/10


3- Sambousik bi Lahme was well designed and the minute I broke it in half with my finger tips, the dough just opened up in an instant showing off that steamy hot minced meat and allowing that divine smell to linger within me..caressing all my senses. 10/10

4- Hummus was delightful with chucks of meat on top and creamy texture. 8/10

5- Soujok was the JACKPOT!! the second I poked my fork into one of those tiny babies and tasted it…an explosion of flavors slipped into my throat..high quality meat was used in a bed of hot spices and the perfect amount of oil. Then I kept on devouring those bad boys one after the other lol. 10/10


6- Grilled oriental Platter was eye catching and smelled heavenly. The kafta, tawouk, and lahme were all great and barbecued just perfectly. 9/10


7- Mhallabiyi was Amazing!!!!!!!! that circular bump shaped dessert with the spread of pistachio nuts didn’t only look so appetizing but it also tasted just like heaven itself. 10/10


The setting/ambiance was so classy and sophisticated. Also, as we were dining  more people kept on arriving..the place was seriously fully booked!!! yet it felt just great to stick around 🙂

I really enjoyed my dining experience at Abd El Wahab!! But it didn’t get a full score on the MUFT for one reason only..which was the excessive appearances of our waiter..He overdid it..which made me uncomfortable.

For all my readers out there, You certainly MUFT try this place 🙂



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