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May I have your attention please…

HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GREEN EMERALD BEFORE????????? You can see a huge ass one on Badaro street and it is called Bareo GastroPub!!!!!!!!!

This humble yet marvelous place has scored a 9/10 on the MUFT!!!! Honestly I wasn’t expecting Bareo’s food to make me so EUPHORIC. I was speechless but not for long because I can’t keep my mouth shut if I ADORED something. hehe

Our foodie meetup took place here yesterday and as always with the ELITE group 😉

Upon arrival, the owner/COOK and his team all greeted me with a warm welcome smile at the door…since the place was in a way reserved just for us. It is a small yet spacious pub with greenery all around..the lighting was just PERFECT: neither too dim nor too bright which made our shooting way easier. Also, it is properly ventilated to an extent that we were no longer annoyed by this unbearable weather. The outdoor/indoor areas are suitable for any kind of occasion whether romantic or business or just a fun hangout. One downside though, the toilet is a one man show i.e too tight. I really liked the felt so warm and loving 10/10.

Enough said about the setting, moving on to the Owner and the service. As we were chatting and laughing, the owner popped up and he introduced himself, his profession, his experience and his PASSION for this lovely piece of heaven he calls Bareo!!!!!! He was super friendly and down to earth. His staff  are miniature copies of HIM…The All-men team was very friendly but professional… attentive and detail oriented…presentable and clicked just flawlessly  with the whole atmosphere. But take my advice on this my dear owner it is CRUCIAL that you add some feminine spirit to your pub. All in all, the service was impeccable 10/10.

Now Let me take you on a journey of LUSCIOUS heart stopping gourmet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The menu chosen for our meetup was drop dead delicious!!! It had all the items that could make anyone say : Akh Albe 🙂

Starters included:

Spinach & Artichoke Dip with perfectly toasted bread fingers 9/10


Salmon Avocado Tacos: minced salmon and avocados elegantly filling those soft colorful tacos insides…presented like a blooming spring flower centered with a cup of soy sauce. 8/10


Seven Layer dip was the TALK OF THE TOWN. A small glass bowl with a stand filled with layers of avocados/beans/olives/sour cream/cheddar cheese/ and two more that I can’t recall lol sorry…surrounded by a bed  of golden tortilla was eye catching and finger licking good. 9/10


Fried Mac&Cheese Balls were very well presented but the taste was just dry and plain. It should’ve been musher on the inside. 7/10



Salads on the other hand were somehow a weak spot for this place. We were served 3 types of salads: Asian Steak Salad 7/10, Goat Cheese Salad 7/10, Tuna Salad 6/10. Nothing too special here but it is worth mentioning that all of the mentioned salads were very well presented and GENEROUSLY PORTIONED.


As for my Main Course, I chose Grilled Beef Fillet and it was ONE HELL OF A CHOICE. Ordered it medium of course…It was served on a wooden plate containing a pan for that thick juicy steak on a quilt of colorful steamed veggies, a mushroom saucer, and a cute pot of baked potato cubes. My heart literally SKIPPED a beat when I gobbled down my 1st steak chunk..oh my how very well seasoned it was…not chewy..and cooked perfectly to my liking. The sauce was very good as well. As for the potatoes even though they tasted good but I would’ve preferred them to be mashed. 9/10


Desserts were:

Chocolate Fondant Melt, Apple Crumbles Pie, Creme Brulee with Caramelized Sugar, and Cheese Cake in addition to the fruits plate that was not on the menu!!! All were VOLUPTUOUS!!! They just fondle every part of your body. Even the ice cream scoops were top notch 10/10 …All were creative, divine, and very well presented.

20160825_231719  20160825_231957


Something to be highlighted here and which was HIGHLY APPRECIATED by me:  how considerate out waiter was. I asked him if they had any non-alcoholic drinks and he suggested Jamaican which was a bit too sweet but good nonetheless. After that he recommended the bar tender’s special sour drink called Strawberry Mojitto and it was pretty damn good!!!! So sour my heart burnt to ashes but very pleasing at the same time.


Back to my subject…what impressed me was when the owner offered us 8 shots…and I knew that I had to exclude myself but the waiter stopped me and told me don’t worry this one is yours and it is alcohol free (see featured image). I smiled and was about to hug him but I controlled myself 🙂


Thank you for an AMAZING experience.

This place is a MUFT try!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!




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