Our Philosophy
very foodie will tell you the same thing: Food is emotions…
Emotions starting when you lay your eyes on a dish, discovering its colors, its texture, its size (no matter if it matters…) , its appeal, its voluptness…
Emotions continues when the aroma of the food reaches your nostrils, exciting your scent buds and give you a glimpse of the pleasure to come, it leaves you wanting, expecting, thrilled and anxious…
Emotions goes on when the first bite approaches your mouth,
the scent goes even stronger and urging as it nears your lips, your mouth is perfectly watered in anticipation, your eyes are closed and all your senses are diverging inevitably towards your taste buds…
Emotions explode when the flavor hits with all its glory sending shivers throughout your body as you gasp for more, feeling every chunk bathing in your mouth sending signals of happiness towards your synapses… Emotions… it’s with that in mind that “Chicho” The Coach created Yummy Lebanon, 
to share emotions through a dish, flavors, and colors, in a world where culinary art is exponentially expanding, and where cuisines are in perpetual fusion, creating symphonies of tastes for all the possible palates…
Joined a bit Later by “Gaston” the food scientist” , the team was complete, and we both invite you to share your emotions with us, throughout our page, with your valuable comments and experience.
Be part of us, food was never meant to be experienced alone…


Featured recipes
Prep: 30 min
Cook: 45 min
Ready In: 3 h
Level : Difficult
Cherry Pie

Welcome to Burger Cooking сlass, part classroom, part playground and all kitchen.

The Master Class will make you understand the culinary processes, interact with products and interpret the art…


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