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Mac N Cheese: Simple N Great

Let’s do a small dictionary digging, shall we? What is Simplicity? : noun sim·plic·i·ty \ sim-ˈpli-sə-tē , -ˈpli-stē \ –  the state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded – Now, what is Great? : adjective \ ˈgrāt , Southern also ˈgre(ə)t \ – markedly superior in character or quality What? Why are we looking into meanings? What do you mean “Is this...


Pause PozoTTTTT

So we went up to Ballouneh… Hadad is too near and hey, we were there to try the new place… up there.. la ou il y a le cuisinier… with great company bien sur GSN Reviews , Foodista and 580flavors we were getting ourselves ready for a treat… The owner, le fameux cuisinier, wasn’t expecting us, due to a miscommunication during...


You ROCK ! n Rumps

What an evening… Let me start with my gut feeling as I walked into the place… positive vibes all around, you simply know ahead of time that everything is gonna be ok… a live band was playing rock music in the background, great music by the way. The place was almost all made of wood,...


A Historian Making History: Abdo Restaurant

Away from sophistication & complicated menus, came a teacher, a history teacher: He gave me and my dear friend GSN a lesson of traditions, an old lesson, going back from our jdoudna all the way to our fast present in a timeline of delicious dishes, simple dishes, traditional dishes.


IHOP you like it… (no pun intended)

IHOPed it was good and it really was, It’s been some time since “Moi” have written a review, I had given, for a while, the torch (si j’ose dire) to The Coach… And IHOPed that I’d write back again someday again soon, and what better place to start writing again than IHOP? Yup it just...


Mosaic: Hypnotically Orgasmic

Phoenicia Hotel is holding some pretty damn amazing restaurants up inside. I was invited to the 45th anniversary of the Lebanese/Chinese affairs and the theme behind it was Beijing 2 Beirut..and that is exactly what they did my dear MUFTers!!!!!! Everything was beautifully set and organized..whether it was the display of the exotic food items...


Villa Badaro: The Ascent to Heaven…

It just reminds you of old beiruty houses… A Villa in the heart of Badaro, bouncing of life, bringing back the green to urbanity… bringing back simplicity and classiness… The only thing that was warmer than the atmosphere when you step in Villa Badaro is the welcome you receive from their staff… with a head...

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