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I wouldn’t leave a girl on an inter-city highway standing alone, not during the night not during the day, especially if she is 19…

I’m not entirely convinced that a restaurant as big as 19 should be where it is actually located, but again of course, I could be wrong. While travelling between cities I’d rather go for fast-food, because usually I’m in a hurry, so I could buy sandwiches, or just have a snack from a bakery on the road.


Thankfully 19 is not far off from Beirut and despite usual traffic, it should be easily reachable.

It’s a huge place, with a very diversified menu, tending a bit to oriental… however, you could still order sushi on the side of your kebbeh nayyeh and tabbouleh, I mean why not? It’s purposely designed to attract as many tastes as possible and it honestly need the occupancy.


The staff are very very friendly and professional and performed as you would expect them to do in that type of restaurant.

Loads of creativity in presentation and in the food itself.

The Kebbit banadoura, despite it looking a lot like a tabbouleh, is really unique and absolutely tasty, I would order that dish over and over and will certainly do on my next visit. The Kebbeh Nayyeh and Frakeh Jnoubieh was really well seasoned and fresh, simply delicious. The Shrimp dynamite was out of this world, the marination is EXCELLENT.

The food was really good all in all, however my only comment was on the main dishes


The 3 chicken dishes, the Salmon and the steak: all were overcooked and dry. They did taste good though. I personally blame this mistake on the fact that the dishes had to be reheated in that automatic oven they are so proud of, “it even self-clean” said the manager.  Had they prepared the dishes on the spot (the restaurant was empty and there was no rush) the food would have been spot on. That’s the only reason I’m rating 4 and not 5.

The prices are very affordable and easy on the pocket comparing to the quality and taste that was served.

Highly recommended, beware of that oven though, to me, it’s doing more harm than good if used to reheat main dishes.

Gaston Majeur et Vacciné (over 19)

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