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Neat, lit and clean… combining simplicity of design with wood, Spin the hen is certainly an interesting concept… but what is it really?

Well it’s just another snack gone fancy…

We (Coach Chicho and I) have ordered what should be his star item : the roasted chicken, and although it was of good quality, roasted and seasoned perfectly, I couldn’t really understand why a half portion cost more than a full portion in other similar or lower places in Lebanon. Now bien sur, his chicken should be more expensive… I mean, it’s a nice place, in a prime area, serving high quality chicken goodness… but that much more expensive? I’m really not sure about this. I also would recommend Spin the hen to have an expiry date labeled on their hummus & salads plastic cups, not that we doubt the freshness… it’s just more legal that way… (I assume you have them on your internal storages?)


You could see the Al nahar building from where we were sitting… almost a historical landmark in Lebanon… heart of Beirut… not cheap… expensive… I don’t know… I’m still not convinced…


We also had few sandwiches, which are overall a bit small and one of them alone wouldn’t satisfy the average person’s hunger.

The Caesar Sandwich? … Okay… but seasoning? Completely inexistent, made what should potentially be a good sandwich taste a bit… comment dire… bland? Yeah…

The Tandoori Chicken on the other hand was overloaded with taste, loved it, not sure the bread was tannour though, looked a lot like mar2ou2 brown bread to me…

The Mexican Sandwich was also lacking… All the right ingredients were there, with no seasoning to bind them and enhance their taste…

So my question is this: why take a century old concept (chicken roastery and sandwiches) make it fancy and expensive and not take care of the little details that are the ONLY reason why you go all fancy in the first place?

In Beirut, you could eat or deliver from a lot of similar concepts (not necessarily chicken) for cheaper, more generous portions and a more fulfilling experience…

I will be visiting again spin the hen though, and will try other items that they have (the diversity in the menu is really commended here), I see the potential it has… I just can’t justify the price tags on some items…


Did i mention they have a nice warm service ? cuz they do… vraiment…

Gaston Le Rooster


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