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Dear Sellom

You stumbelled…

I came in with MyCityBeirut  and Weelz On Meals very excited about this place, Weelz have been talking about it for 2 days now…


So we arrived and got in to choose a table, i have to say the decoration was beautiful, with bright colors, the setup was nice and well-conceived. We sat down and were immediately greeted by who seemed to be the Manager, a very nice person who helped us through all the experience.

The atmosphere and decor immediately set us in a happy mood and we were expecting to be wowed.


So we ordered 2 tabliyeh the cold and hot ones plus a machewe platter and 3arayis sojok

I won’t dwell a lot on the food, as it had its upsides and downsides, some of the items were good, but mostly others needed a lot of tweaking to a few downright bad, however it’s in my nature to be forgiving especially that the restaurant has not been open for long.

The presentation on the other hand is a whole different story:


The food came in a kind of Sellom settings, 3 wooden trays on top of each other: It was impressive

Until the second tray arrived and then we started to feel crowded. The items on the top tray were invisible to us and to be honest, it all turned out to be a service nightmare. It was simply not practical, beautiful… but not practical.


I also have to mention all the cracked plates, at first impression, you think it is part of the theme of the restaurant, but you quickly notice that it can’t be, as the cracks are in the middle and all the circumference of the plate. When asked about it, the manager confirmed that indeed, the cracks are not part of the theme and the plates are to be replaced very soon. Meanwhile, the plates as they are, are very difficult to clean and could easily harbor impurities.

I will score 3 for this time, because I believe in the potential of this place and will definitely visit again sometimes in the next 3 months.

PS they have an amazing flavored arak !!!

Gaston Sallam 3al Sellom


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