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A Historian Making History: Abdo Restaurant

Away from sophistication & complicated menus, came a teacher, a history teacher: He gave me and my dear friend GSN a lesson of traditions, an old lesson, going back from our jdoudna all the way to our fast present in a timeline of delicious dishes, simple dishes, traditional dishes.


Villa Badaro: The Ascent to Heaven…

It just reminds you of old beiruty houses… A Villa in the heart of Badaro, bouncing of life, bringing back the green to urbanity… bringing back simplicity and classiness… The only thing that was warmer than the atmosphere when you step in Villa Badaro is the welcome you receive from their staff… with a head...


UTOPIA (Well B Brunch)

…A hard sell, a difficult concept to swallow despite the obvious health advantages you get from consuming… wait… I think I should rewind a little… It’s that little café down in Verdun area, you know? Kif you don’t? You can’t miss it… it’s easy… listen hey, you’re on Verdun Main Street… right? You take your right just...