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Mac N Cheese: Simple N Great

Let’s do a small dictionary digging, shall we? What is Simplicity? : noun sim·plic·i·ty \ sim-ˈpli-sə-tē , -ˈpli-stē \ –  the state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded – Now, what is Great? : adjective \ ˈgrāt , Southern also ˈgre(ə)t \ – markedly superior in character or quality What? Why are we looking into meanings? What do you mean “Is this...


Too Much Love Will Kill You

I’ve been a regular customer at Malak el Tawouk since they started the new branding because they improved their standards and the quality of their food. It’s not about me but I think at least 10 000 other people are doing the same.  My favourite branch at Kaslik but I used to order or grab...


The Fat, The fit and the hungry: Eddy’s

Do you ever go out of movies and feel like you haven’t eaten all day? Especially if you hadn’t had the popcorn and stuff? Well… nevertheless, Chicho and I were hungry but problem: it was late… Then Chicho (who was driving) said: Wait, I know just the place, and I know it’s open, they have...