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I’ve been a regular customer at Malak el Tawouk since they started the new branding because they improved their standards and the quality of their food. It’s not about me but I think at least 10 000 other people are doing the same. 

My favourite branch at Kaslik but I used to order or grab my sandwiches from different branches, mainly Dora and Furn el Chebbak. I never had an issue, faced any problem or even frustrated about the cleanliness of their place. 

Starting from the head covers, the gloves the temperature of the place etc…

They care about their customers and yes too much love will kill you but not too much Tawouk or Toum 😉

The last incidence the so called “tsammam w met” My friend at Beirut Food and I were desperately trying to find how and why and ending up with no logical reason because there is no logic unless he drank from their detergent instead of the Pepsi can lol. 

I was following up on this matter, and the investigation showed that 250 people were at that place the same day, they ate Baklava and drank tap water as well. Also the Health Ministry did their tests on the Mayonnaise, the chicken livers, the water… and the tests showed the safety standard conformity (Al Kalima Online) 

And tomorrow I will order my Tawouk Sandwich at work because too much love from Malak el Tawouk will never kill me.

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