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Yes, The Good Life that’s what the name means. In the heart of Mar Mkhayel street a place like no other, they serve Tapas e Còctels (Appetizers and Cocktails). The setup is comfortable, you can choose between sitting on high tables or couches. My friends were late a bit, so I was served a basket of Nachos, and I ordered a Limon Rosa, a sour mix for the Gin lovers.


10 mins later my friends arrived we had a small chat, each had his own drink and the food started to get served.

Shrimp Tacos and Chicken Mushroom were served, I have an intolerance to Mushrooms but my friends said they were amazing, but I had instead, 2 bites of that ultra delicious Shrimp 😍

Followed by Chicken Tacos and Buffalo Chicken Nachos, me, taking a deep breath because they look soo yummy.
Ohhhh and taste even better.

But the star item, even though it was so simple, the Bresaola Roll, its simplicity and the fresh Mango, Lemon zest and Pecan made it 5/5 👌


The Beef Tapas and The Smoked Salmon were good, well prepared and balanced.

Overall experience was Great, recommended for Happy Hours, and groups that want to chat and chill.

Chicho A L’Espanol

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