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Yessss, you need to solve a riddle to find this place but it’s worth it. You enter the Ghost City or the center and you go to the 2nd floor while your expectations are at the lowest. Kev, a young man, will welcome you and change your mood, while explaining about his concept you can’t but, start living the experience and definitely loving it 👌.

Let’s try the Cheese Rolls, filled with Basterma or Soujouk both are great but the Soujouk is a waw Item. Here comes the Salad

So you liked the Soujouk? Yes. (Ok let’s try the Soujouk Cheese) said Kev. Ok let’s tr…. waw the biggest amount of cheese in one plate. And we started digging in. Soo good so appealing 😍

If you’re visiting an Armenian Restaurnt you will definitely try the Mante. Oh and what a Mante. Wanna know the secret? Me too . It stays crispy even after you mix it with the Laban and Sauce. Sooo Good “Chapeau”.

When we moved to the BBQ items, he advised us to try the tawouq with Cheese and Kafta with Cherry. The Tawouq with Cheese is good, a bit different than the ordinary one. But the Kafta Cherry, I double dare you to find something close to it. So soo Good.

Manghal, a great Armenian experience and definitely recommended 👌

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