Get Some Spices With Low Prices and “Get Grilled:

Let’s try something different, said Haru San. We searched on Zomato for a sandwiches place, and we found this hidden Gem with 4.4 rating. Let’s try it!

Arrived at the place. Casual, small and friendly And the owner memorizes faces because he asked whether we were from here or not!

Yes we are, and he started explaining about his concept, twisting the Lebanese with Turkish, Persian and Indian.

We ordered 4 Sandwiches sharing.

The Tandoori Chicken, I won’t say it’s special  but hell yeah it is soooo tasty.

We jumped to Persia with the Zaafaran Chicken and let me tell you this, you haven’t tasted something similar before. Or at least with same budget and in this country. 

Then again jumping back to New Delhi with the Boti Meat, what an amazing taste, the hummus was perfect the spices will give you that special aftertaste 👌

And finally back to the Mediterranean with a sandwich we thought that it was a safe exit. But lemme tell you one thing, it’s fantastically different and super tasty, the cheese softly mixed with the meat without hiding any taste.

NB: hot chilly on demand.

Definitely recommended ❤

Chicho The Spicy

Yummy Lebanon

Lebanese Memes touristic page for the restaurants in Lebanon Use #yummyLebanon on Instagram to share your experience!! Sa7tein!!!

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