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Let’s do a small dictionary digging, shall we?

What is Simplicity? : noun sim·plic·i·ty \ sim-ˈpli-sə-tē , -ˈpli-stē \ –  the state of being simple, uncomplicated, or uncompounded –

Now, what is Great? : adjective \ ˈgrāt , Southern also ˈgre(ə)t \ – markedly superior in character or quality

Why are we looking into meanings?
What do you mean “Is this a Zomato review”? … of course, it’s a Zomato review…

Simplicity in Greatness, that’s what I wanted to come to, to define Mac N Cheese.

A tiny place with a tremendous beating heart in Mar Mkhayel. Again, les ami(e)s, behind a restaurant is a chef, and well behind the great chef… but that’s another story.



What could be more simple than Pasta, cheese, tomato, basil, fresh cream etc… very basic and simple ingredients… Now put those very simple and basic ingredients in the hands of the Maestro running the show behind his tiny open fire kitchen, you get a better definition of simplicity in Greatness like the one described in Merriam-Webster dictionary.

Words can induce emotions, that’s true, but when you go out of the single dimension of words and enter the dimensions of sight, smell, flavor and even touch, this is when you not only feel your emotions, you’ll also feel the passion of the chef, you will feel the time he spent this morning choosing the best tomato for his sauce, how he selected the best cheese to go with that meal, how he carefully cooked his pasta to marry perfectly the shape of your teeth while effortlessly chewing on your first bite.


You will feel how the flavors blend individually in your mouth, and you will simply hear your body singing the definition of Simplicity in Greatness. You will suddenly feel richer as you go through your second bite and by the time you get to the third one, the tingling all over your body intensifies as it will join in festivities all of your senses while you’re enjoying every second of your meal.


Enough Poetry, I get carried away when I eat, I mean when I write, and I just forget to tell you how (also) simple it is to choose your dish, actually, you make it on your own: You chose your pasta, choose the sauce, choose the ingredients, listen to the chef’s advice and order. Less than 10 min later, you will get your unique dish as composed by you and as conducted by the Maestro hiding under his Italian cap.


Let’s make it simple shall we? I felt like I complicated somehow things: Mac N Cheese makes the best Mac N Cheese in town hands down you don’t believe me? ask the great GSN Reviews – Gourmets Sincere & Neutral he will tell you what I mean…

Highly recommended for taste, flavor, passion, love, friendliness, and simplicity…

Gaston fait dans le simple N le compliqué

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