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So we went up to Ballouneh… Hadad is too near and hey, we were there to try the new place… up there.. la ou il y a le cuisinier…

with great company bien sur GSN Reviews , Foodista and 580flavors we were getting ourselves ready for a treat…

The owner, le fameux cuisinier, wasn’t expecting us, due to a miscommunication during reservation, he nonetheless welcomed us “with arms wide open” comme la chanson…

I had no Idea what type of Restaurant Pozot was, not one clue, and from the name, I thought I was heading towards a fine dining experience, needless to count you my surprise when I saw that the place was smaller than the sign it harbors outside, great marketing, but wrong branding to my sense.
Le Cuisinier insisted on pronouncing Pozot while stressing on the T, but Gaston assures you that in Fghench (courtesy of Foodista for the “GH”) the T in Pozot is a very silent one… be that as it may… we were here for the noughitughe…

We were seated and helped ourselves to soft drinks.

Le Cuisinier proposed to serve us with his best appetizers followed by his top seller burgers and to finish it with his famous Boston Pizza… we enthusiastically agreed.

We were first served the mozzarella sticks, the chicken strips, and the potato wedges. Nothing special here, from the ready-made frozen items to the frier to our plates, of obvious good quality though, they tasted fine and it is absolutely what you would expect from a place like this one.

Came in then… one by one the burgers…

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-04 at 11.52.07 (3)

The Classic was my favorite, definitely a good one, The Avocado burger with brie and chestnut is definitely a bold one, but to me, i expected more out of it, le marriage des gouts was most probably done by a professional priest, but surely not a cuisinier, there was no cohesion and the sweet n savory tastes clashed…

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-04 at 11.52.08

The Special Chicken burger, on the other hand, was better layed and played, there was obviously less stress making this one and one could taste it. the sauce was a tad too aggressive but overall a great burger.
The Swiss Burger didn’t fly high with me, at least not as high as the Swiss Alps and I didn’t get to see an eternal Edelweiss… it’s an ok burger… I guess I was disappointed because I was expecting so much more! I mean the menu est allechant, the names of the burgers are really inviting and the ingredients promises Everestissim heights: we stayed in Ballouneh…

I think we had another burger as well… though am not sure which one anymore, it just didn’t stick in my memory.

The thing that stuck on the other had was the Boston Pizza with sojouk inside… ok, une minute i have to catch my breath: OMG !! i’m not sure why its called Boston but I’m fine with any name you want to give to that beast. It’s humongous, it’s beautiful, it’s colorful, it smells like a loud orgasm and it tastes like a sigh after a long night of love… Chapeau, et pas n’importe lequel, un Haut de form!

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-04 at 11.52.08 (2)
We had a pleasure taking pictures of it, with it, in it, over it, on it, off it, on us etc… j’vous fais plus un dessin…

Lastly, we had to accept a dessert, i dunno how it was called, but it didn’t live to any promise nor could be compared to a dessert, it was confusing, as it had very salty cheese inside… nop thank you.

WhatsApp Image 2018-05-04 at 11.52.08 (3)

My only regret was that I didn’t get to taste their broasted which is exclusive to the Ballouneh branch.

Recommended for small parties of hungry lads who would love to share a Boston Pizza.

Will try again soon !

Gaston aime les Cuisiniers

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