The Fat, The fit and the hungry: Eddy’s

Do you ever go out of movies and feel like you haven’t eaten all day? Especially if you hadn’t had the popcorn and stuff? Well… nevertheless, Chicho and I were hungry but problem: it was late…

Then Chicho (who was driving) said: Wait, I know just the place, and I know it’s open, they have the best cheese kaak and the best crepes…

Honestly? That’s all I needed to hear, plus we were 5 min away from it: Eddy’s

Publish 6

It’s just another road side kiosk facing Abraj… we parked next to it, and immediately you could smell the fresh and intense smell of the kaak roasting on charcoal… the Tripolitan way

Publish 1

I saw that the kaak pieces were a bit small for my… hmmm… size… So I went for a Akkawi Cheese and a Salami Cheese Kaak… and here, I must say, the secret is not really the ingredients… its more the way it is prepared… The tease of seeing a layer of butter on the kaak melt slowly while it is grilling on the charcoal, hearing the cheese that started sizzling was sweet music to my ears and incentive for my stomach to join it in unison with its own music making a new symphony of the hungry…

Publish 2

The taste was up to the show, that sweet kaak flavored with butter and smoke from the charcoal was the perfect combination that went hand to hand with the melted cheese inside, with and without the salami… a true hunger killer

Publish 4

We felt better… but not quite… you see… now c’est l’odeur des crepes that turned our head…

On the counter on the left of the kaak grill was a young man busy making some chocolate melt… my heart sank… I turned to look at Chicho, only to find his nose deep in the menu trying already to choose which crepe he was gonna order…

I personally went for the Cadbury Flake with Nuts… and that’s all I recall… because I was subjugated by the skills that fellow was showing… spreading the crepes dough batter with precision to make a perfect circle… waiting patiently for it to reach the right consistency before adding the chocolate flakes and watch them melt… that act accurately described in physics, where matter shift from solid to liquid… never thought one day that physics could be that delicious…

Some crunchy nuts were added at the end before he closed it, put it in a plastic plate, cut it in squares and served it to me…

Ô Drame, he probably left it over the fire a bit too long… the chocolate had a burnt bitter taste in the background, which was absolutely dommage… that crepe had so much potential…

Eddie's 011

Unfortunately I was so taken by the magic that was happening and didn’t take any picture of my crepe, I did though of the one Chicho ordered, which was White hersheys with lotus biscoff butter and chunks of chocolate Oreo Biscuits.

Publish 5

Anyways… It was the Kaak that I recall and that I will come back to at Eddy’s, I wouldn’t trust really eating any other thing (like hotdog n such) because of the poor insulation condition the kiosk has and evidently the high risk of food cross contamination from the dirt in the air and the lack of proper preparation area…

Eddie's 013

Gaston Le FAT

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