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Get Some Spices With Low Prices and “Get Grilled:

Let’s try something different, said Haru San. We searched on Zomato for a sandwiches place, and we found this hidden Gem with 4.4 rating. Let’s try it! Arrived at the place. Casual, small and friendly And the owner memorizes faces because he asked whether we were from here or not! Yes we are, and he...


Solve the Riddle and Win an Armenian Prize

Yessss, you need to solve a riddle to find this place but it’s worth it. You enter the Ghost City or the center and you go to the 2nd floor while your expectations are at the lowest. Kev, a young man, will welcome you and change your mood, while explaining about his concept you can’t...


Que Viva La Bona Vida

Yes, The Good Life that’s what the name means. In the heart of Mar Mkhayel street a place like no other, they serve Tapas e Còctels (Appetizers and Cocktails). The setup is comfortable, you can choose between sitting on high tables or couches. My friends were late a bit, so I was served a basket...


Too Much Love Will Kill You

I’ve been a regular customer at Malak el Tawouk since they started the new branding because they improved their standards and the quality of their food. It’s not about me but I think at least 10 000 other people are doing the same.  My favourite branch at Kaslik but I used to order or grab...


The Foodie Who Became A Personal Trainer

It all began when I decided to be fit, again! All my life I’ve been in a struggle between what to eat and what exercise should I perform to burn the calories? Being a food lover, I had to try every dish in every restaurant all over Lebanon. My mother, who happens to be a...


Ekhid Bared ya Mama

How many times in Lebanon have we heard that famous phrase “Ekhid bared ya mama” when usually you have a headache or a mild to severe stomach ache that makes u break into sweat (especially in summer) along with gases (that threatens the ozone layer) and also mild to severe cases of diarrhea. Ekhid Bared...


UTOPIA (Well B Brunch)

…A hard sell, a difficult concept to swallow despite the obvious health advantages you get from consuming… wait… I think I should rewind a little… It’s that little café down in Verdun area, you know? Kif you don’t? You can’t miss it… it’s easy… listen hey, you’re on Verdun Main Street… right? You take your right just...


The Sun (Al Shams) – ANJAR

The Sun (Shams) – Anjar The Sun (shams) is a restaurant at the center of the ANJAR System and is by far one of the most important source of Lebanese gastronomy for life in Lebanon. (Wikipedia) Distance to Beirut: 70 km Surface temperature: 21°C The funny fact about SHAMS restaurant is that it also rises at night. With a...


The Wedding

The other day, I have attended a wedding, a weird wedding one might say… Now don’t get me wrong, the bride in herself is usually exquisite, layers of love and creamy textures and colors, while the groom, with its Gaetian origins, bronze crust and topping over topping of pure Italian arrogance and self-assurance can meet with anyone’s appetite…...

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