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…A hard sell, a difficult concept to swallow despite the obvious health advantages you get from consuming… wait… I think I should rewind a little…
It’s that little café down in Verdun area, you know? Kif you don’t? You can’t miss it… it’s easy… listen hey, you’re on Verdun Main Street… right? You take your right just after the NIKE shop, then another right next to OMT… 20 meters then you’ll see it on the right side of the road… there it is… a green heaven in a concrete city, a whiff of fresh air amidst pollution, a healthy bite in an ocean of trans fat based menus all around us…


I give you Well B, Mesdames et messieurs, a beautiful restaurant café simply based on fresh ingredients… ok… let me take a deep breath and be honest… it’s a hard sell, a difficult concept to swallow despite the obvious health advantages you get from consuming ANY item of their diverse menu.

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Fact is, most people associate healthy eating habits with diet food… also… they tend to associate diet food with tasteless boring food. So yeah, when you open a restaurant based on that, it is a hard sell. Fact is, most Lebanese are uneducated in the art of healthy food…

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However, nothing is farther from that fact, should you make an effort and try their daily brunch for example. The food they present is anything but boring or tasteless. It’s a meticulously chosen marriage of ingredients, a festival of flavors, presented to you in such a humble way, no false pretenses, you taste exactly what you see, yet, each flavor is enhanced by its freshness and quality. The menu presented to us was a careful mix of Lebanese history and modern Gourmandises, it’s a common setup that sets you on ease immediately on your very comfortable chair. It’s nothing fancy, just your regular dishes; the magic resides in the taste, the simplicity and the freshness. No matter how much you eat, you will still get up light from the table as your digestive system was not aggressed like it would be going out from most other restaurants. The food set me in such a good mood I honestly enjoyed more the company I had.

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My recommendations to you dear readers is this: just try it once, go there without any expectation but to have a good meal, fresh delicious and light, and you won’t be disappointed.


Gaston le advice giver

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