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Trying to wear my shorts, but they didn’t fit, probably my love handles are getting more and more lovely. So I decided to call my dietitian Zesty and invite her to our gathering, as Gaston my partner, my brother and my friend couldn’t make it, so, she can control my calories ;).

Was it a good idea, well yes it was even though the food was almost healthy but her company was sweet and lovely.

We were the first to arrive and it was around 2 PM on a hot afternoon: the swim suites, as agreed by everyone, were the best choice to wear. The hostess greeted us with a lovely smile and introduced us to the owners, a family running the restaurant, who makes you feel at home. The place was at the end of what we call in Lebanon “Sansoul” in the middle of the sea so wherever you sit it’s near the fresh water. People arrived and the waiters asked about the drinks. Some chitchat was going on as we met new funny people till the appetizers were served.


The “Fattouch” and the “Tabbouleh” were delicious and the vegetables were fresh, well appreciated during this weather.


Suddenly I saw the Tajen coming, let’s make things clear I said, The Tajen is mine, my own my precious. So I was waiting, took the pictures and had the first “Lekme” as we say in Lebanon. Perfect I really really really loved it!


Then, came the “Hummus” and “Baba Ghannouj” did I tell you that they tasted like homemade? well yes the texture and the balance with Tahini were so perfect that I would ignore any other items, but hey I shouldn’t lose my focus here!


The exceptional, golden brown and crispy “Kebbet Samak”, just found its way to my territory one of the foodies tried to grab the plate and blocked his way with my staff yelling at him “YOU SHALL NOT PASS” but of course I let him later on to try it out, after all sharing is caring 😉 and we all agreed that it was amazing “Bravo The Circle”


After taking all my Attention, the “Kebbe” is gone so I was surprised to see that the table if full of other yummy Mezza like “Makanek Samak”, “Soujouk Samak”, Octopus Provincial, and their Shrimp Signature. Well marinated, the shrimp is amazing, it was the first time I taste the “Makanek and Soujouk Samak” their taste was greatly balanced but not my taste, I prefer the Meat ones! Not a fan of Octopus so I will let you read my fellow foodies reviews about it…


During the Lunch we were surprised by special refreshing drinks, their bartender’s specialty.


You know you shouldn’t have eaten too much, even though the food is so yummy (Lebanon), but you know the Spicy fish, Grilled Fish and The fried ones. Perfectly grilled, the waiter will cut and serve it for you. Zesty was looking at my Puppy Eyes and said you can have some fries with it, it’s Sunday and that what made me happy.


Waiting for the desserts, Zesty and I decided to take some amazing photos during the sunset, ok we know we’re beautiful but it won’t hurt to have pictures in cool places.


The dessert is here, Watermelon and Ice cream perfect for Summer times! It was a great gathering and we will definitely be going back to THE CIRCLE with all our friends…


Coach Chicho, The Explorer

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