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Blû SALT: Undeniable Arousal of the Soul

I keep on repeating myself… It’s the Passion Eddy is a young chef with experience beyond his years, suffice to say that: His talent, his technique, his creativity and the presentation of his food is on a different level than most what you can find on the Lebanese market… On a recommendation of our friend...


A Real Brasserie: Brass Beirut

Ne jouons pas avec les mots voulez vous ? si ? all right if you insist : B’Rass Beirut, there is a Brasserie called “Brass Beirut” simple, clear and genius… the food ? follow me… A simple casual warm atmosphere sooth your senses the very second you step in Brass Beirut (BB pour les amis) very elegant...


The only One – Sapa

  In the land of the Inca (The Andes Region in South America)… long long time ago lived Inka Quapaq who was the ruler of the Kingdom of Cusco, his title was “Sapa”, meaning “The only one”, the only divinity at the time… Intriguingly, it’s also the name of a hill station in Northwest Vietnam… a...


Grandma’s Pizza – Nonna’s Pizza

No no and no, Lebanese Memes guy… Nonna does not mean “nun” are you kidding me right now?, it’s the Italian word for grandmother… and yes… it is derived from the Latin word: Nonnus, but god why are we talking etymology, origins and meanings while we just came in to eat some pizza… Actually, no,...


O Monot? or Oh no no?

It was a sweet sweet autumn evening, the sun was getting ready to set, and I was excited to take some pictures from the rooftop of the O Monot Luxury Boutique Hotel… I had forgotten that the Beirut landscape had dramatically changed over the past 10 years and the sea isn’t really visible anymore from...