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I keep on repeating myself… It’s the Passion

Eddy is a young chef with experience beyond his years, suffice to say that: His talent, his technique, his creativity and the presentation of his food is on a different level than most what you can find on the Lebanese market…

On a recommendation of our friend Weelz, the Coach and I headed to Monot, we parked and had a small walk towards the place: It was Glowing at the end of a small dark alley like the light at the end of a tunnel, a cliche of old Achrafieh…


Eddy is all into gastronomy, the real deal, his restaurant is bright, very well lit and clinically clean.

The passion of Eddy is tremendous, he pours his heart in every single step he takes to make sure you have the best possible meal made of the best possible ingredients. I’ve said it before, a person’s passion modifies the taste of his preparations, Lebanese people call it “Nafas”, but really it’s the passion: when you love something that much, you can’t deliver but perfection… and that’s what it was!

The coach and I were seated by a very friendly waitress and presented with the menu: very simple and elegant, descriptive and mouth watering we weren’t quick to decide.

We ended up starting with the Chevre Gratine a la Chlorophylle de Basilic, the Mille-feuilles de Mozzarella a la creme de Pistou and the Boules de l’Entrecote Croquante fumee.

C’est plus fort que moi, each time I start remembering the flavors, my mouth waters and my stomach growls… The first bite of the Mille-Feuille announced the color of the experience to come, the bar was set high and from here onwards it’s gonna go crescendo…


The chevre was so fresh you’d almost hear it bleat, un sommet in flavors, especially with the poire caramelise, that elevated the cheese, all bound together as one with the magret de Canard.
Une vrai reussite.

I really don’t want to talk about the Boule D’entrecote, the reminiscence of their taste is a torture to my soul, if you visit Salt, you just can’t miss it… You DON’T want to miss it.

At that point i was starting to think that we can stop there, have a dessert and be on our way, However that turned out to be a tad offensive to Eddy, according to him, we needed to try a main dish, bon on ne se fera pas prier…


I went directly for the Beef filet… i was curious to try the “cuisson a vide” method and the results it yielded. The Coach went for the Duck which was really good ( I had a bite), however, NOTHING compares to the succulent filet that landed in front of me.


It was laid on tiny wood branches that were lit up covering the meat with smoke, and I didn’t honestly realise at first how important that stunt was on the flavor of the meat, my mind was thinking “it really looked nice” but that was not the main purpose, I only understood when the first chunk was making its way to my mouth, everything went quickly from there: My nostrils picked it up first, the smoky smell of the filet, my hand movement up to my mouth was swift, giving really little time to my brain to process and prepare for what my nose had smelled. Involuntary reflex, my eyes closed and my mouth watered quickly in an attempt to maximize the taste. It landed on my tongue sending electric sparks of information telling my brain about the fiest that just started. The message was received loud and clear. In return, my brain sent shivers down my spine, body’s (sh)aching all around, MAMAAAA, I Silently yelled… Everything around me went silent, or was all my senses that shut down? I had the impression to be a body around a mouth, everything just focused there, pearls of sweat started to form on my forehead, goosebumps on my arms: the undeniable arousal of the soul.

Ladies get the feeling from eating a great dessert… me? it’s the filet that did it…

On that note, No, I’m not going to talk about the dessert, not to that it wasn’t as good, no, I’ll just let you decide for yourself when you come to Salt in Monot, and let Chef Eddy’s passion transport you…

Gaston Le transported…

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