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Ne jouons pas avec les mots voulez vous ? si ? all right if you insist : B’Rass Beirut, there is a Brasserie called “Brass Beirut” simple, clear and genius… the food ? follow me…

A simple casual warm atmosphere sooth your senses the very second you step in Brass Beirut (BB pour les amis) very elegant décor… very old beiruty… very French brasserie at the same time.

The Garovita refreshes you with its mint and cucumber and resets your pallet readying it to perceive the what I was hoping was gonna be a memorable gAstronomical experience (notice the capital A as in “shadde”)

Brass 1

I can start and conclude the whole story with the Poutine… un chef d’oeuvre de fries with cheese Comté and beef gravy… a Canadian specialty that covered pretty much everything with its aroma, the best Poutine in Lebanon hands down. The Gravy was so magically coupled with the fromage transferring their pleasure right to your mouth you could only taste it with your eyes closed…

Brass 2

The Shrimp salad was a delice… simple and light, yet flavorful, a perfect way to start your meal… (nothing beats the Poutine though.)


The sliced beef and freekeh as well! Very original, very creative, very tasty, I enjoyed every mouthful of it… (but you know the Poutine… yeah… that good).

Brass 3

The coach, my eternal partner, chose to have the Rosemary Chicken which of course I tasted sans façon straight from his plate: the chicken was tender and juicy, and here, I have to say, not being a fan of horseradish, I wasn’t crazy about the purée. Bien sur, it’s a question of taste, however, I still wouldn’t have used this ingredient in this dish… again, it’s my personal opinion, I’m sure others would love it. (No question, the Poutine is still way up the taste chain.)

Brass 4

I, on the other hand, asked for the Roast Beef fillet, which was served submerged in a lake of wine sauce: lake of love of the wine… the tenderness of the meat… the subtlety of the taste… the grace of the presentation, the height it lifted me to… right up next to that Poutine…

Did I mention it was a great Poutine? Yes? Okay then, moving on…

The dessert… drum roll please…

Brass 6

We started with the deep chocolate cake and moved right on to the Pecan pie… oh my God that pecan pie… Words fail… I mean like total removal of the speech sense… it took us so high, that when I looked down, we saw the Poutine plate way down there, where few minutes ago, I had already felt on top of the world… Food is magic my dear readers… especially that Pecan Pie…

A must feast on…

Gaston tol3it Brasso

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