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You always expect the most from the places you love, and that sure applies to me when it comes to Chili’s.

Never thought of writing a review there before, as I am a fan, I love their atmosphere, and their food… and then it struck me… all I do when I go to chili’s is having a steak and a Margarita… whether it’s a striploin or a tenderloin or a ribeye… it’s always a steak and it’s always “saignant”… so non… I realized that I didn’t really know their food as much as I thought I did, I just always order what to me is a safe dish…

That’s why when un jour, when we (Lebanese memes guy and I) received an invitation to come try new items on their menu… I thought to myself: “voila the ideal occasion…” and so we went…

We were greeted with a great smile from who was apparently a seasoned waiter, he introduced himself as Bassam. I gotta admit, that Lebanese Memes guy is a nice guy, good company and good conversation (voir “Ciao Italia Buongiorno Pasquale”)

We started with the Chipotle Mexican Salad Bowl, it was actually very good and refreshing, the ingredients complimenting each other except maybe for that avocado piece on top of it, that wasn’t touched by the marination… fresh avocado… yet lonely avocado… sad avocado… Probably put their for the sake of making the dish sound rich… It honestly didn’t need it, unless it’s cut and mixed with the whole salad.


The Cheese Quesadillas were good, the rice and beans in the dish were a repetition of what was inside the chipotle salad consumed few minutes ago, though the portions of veggie mix and sour cream were really small compared to the number of quesadillas in the plate…I also noticed the absence of the guacamole sauce which I was looking forward to… Sad day for avocadoes…


Then came the Chicken Crispers, who sadly were on the limit of being soggy from frying oil, The taste was there though, thanks to the sauce that came along with it … Bassam, our waiter, in his professionalism saw that my newly acquired friend was enjoying his sauce and realizing the portion was about to be emptied, replaced it immediately with a new one… a seemingly small thing to do, but does all the difference in a person’s experience in a restaurant. Great job Bassam….but it still is a sad day for avocados… It is… Si si…


Curiously we both loved the Old Timer Burger… why curiously? Well, to be completely honest, my reason for liking it is quite futile, but I don’t care, we are mourning the avocados, so I’ll just go on and say it: It tastes EXACTLY like the regular cheese burger from McDonalds (that you end in merely two bites) but it’s a GIANT version of it.


So what’s new at Chili’s? Not much really, all what we have tasted was good, however deprived of the “wow factor”… Chili’s must be feeling comfortable with its actual clients and doesn’t want to risk its apparent stability for innovation… It was 1:30 PM 3 tables were occupied…

I will definitely come back though… a lot for my steak, et un peu to mourn my friend the avocado…

Gaston Tendre et Saignant

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