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A Real Brasserie: Brass Beirut

Ne jouons pas avec les mots voulez vous ? si ? all right if you insist : B’Rass Beirut, there is a Brasserie called “Brass Beirut” simple, clear and genius… the food ? follow me… A simple casual warm atmosphere sooth your senses the very second you step in Brass Beirut (BB pour les amis) very elegant...


Beware the White Bear… Orso Bianco Gelateria

The story and the passion goes back to the late eighties, with the merry cream machine operation… do you remember? Those grey metallic machines with 2 ice cream flavors? Vanilla & Chocolate? Swirled up in a cone? Ouiiii! Those! The passion drove Mme Tchopourian to Italy, with several visits… learning the art of making fine...


Dining at the CheeseCake Factory

Verdun, is one of the trendiest shopping places in Beirut, also, the most crowded area, holding prestigious hotels and shopping centers … Then came a restaurant, not just any restaurant mind you… a restaurant with an unconventional, yet renowned name… a factory… Cheesecake Factory… a new American chain in Lebanon… The traffic was dense, especially in...