Beware the White Bear… Orso Bianco Gelateria

The story and the passion goes back to the late eighties, with the merry cream machine operation… do you remember? Those grey metallic machines with 2 ice cream flavors? Vanilla & Chocolate? Swirled up in a cone? Ouiiii! Those! The passion drove Mme Tchopourian to Italy, with several visits… learning the art of making fine gelato… a long road… that lead to Achrafieh… A small shop in size, huge in love and heart, rich in taste and flavors: Orso Bianco…

Publish 1

With ice cream made applying the latest methods of hygiene and food safety, Orso Bianco, present to its customers over 15 flavors… ranging from the very basic (yet absolutely delicious) chocolate ice cream to the most refreshing of fruit sorbet, with, on the way up the list some very interesting creative gelatos such as: Salted Caramel, Chocolate whisky and Coffee Crunch… And no, it those not get you fat! Good news for you, diet sensitive people : gelato has significantly less fat (then those ice cream made outre-atlantique).

Publish 4

Now yes, it was cold outside, yet some of those flavors warmed your heart & body… Contrairement to what most Lebanese would think… it’s perfectly fine to eat, enjoy and celebrate ice cream in winter… No you won’t get sick, yes you will enjoy it, no you won’t get colder, yes you will be perfectly fine and happy…

Publish 6

Back to those YummY (Lebanon) gelatos: My favorites, on a personal level, will always be the sorbet, and mind you, they use seasonal fresh fruits to make them: The mandarine sorbet was my highlight of the night, the smell and the taste were as authentic as the fruit used in the gelato… and here, croyez moi… It takes a long experience, a lot of patience, tremendous love and absolute passion to transfer that accurately, those flavors to a gelato…

Publish 5

Don’t miss their sticks, Gelato Sandwichs or Bonbon Glaces… an absolute delight to the eyes and an unforgettable treat to the palet…

Publish 3

Yes, it’s in Achrafieh near Spinney’s… look… there… just on the corner… voilaaaa… c’est cela… and yeah I know it’s difficult to park in this area… but trust me when I tell you that it is worth every minute you loose to find a spot for your car…

Publish 2

Orso Bianco… see you soon, see you often, see you so many times in the future, tomorrow and for many days to come… miam…

Gaston Plantigrade Polaire


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