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I’ve been meaning to write this review for some times now, and each time I try… words fail me


I mean, it’s the story of a guy who has absolutely no background in Food & Beverage, who wakes up one day with an idea on his mind: to make a sandwich delivery business… He creates all his recipes from scratch, makes his own tasting sessions (in his own kitchen) and miraculously comes up with the finest sandwiches currently existing on the Lebanese market… One of the most affordable as well…


The concept is simple really, take white bread sandwiches and fill them with the simplest food ingredients you will find, just like you would at home, I mean hey… who wouldn’t be a sucker for a labneh sandwich with tomatoes cucumbers and olives in the morning… well Mini Guette will deliver that for you with an unequaled balance of tastes, freshness and quality.


Bites of Perfection they call it arrogantly… well I hate to admit it… but they are right. You really won’t understand what I’m talking about until you first have that first bite of the sweet chili chicken or the Texas chicken or that amazing labneh harra w makdous or that… oh wait… how could I forgot! How did it slip my mind…? The LEBANESE ESCALOPE BURGER… yeah that’s the one! A generously thick chicken breast breaded in corn flakes, deep fried to perfection in an immaculate oil, on those golden baked brioche of burger buns topped with coleslaw salad, pickles and garlic…


Did I mention Mini Guette makes salads? I’m not usually a fan of those, until I became one, thanks to the Mango Chicken… What’s not to like? The grilled chicken slices? Or the mango slices? Or maybe the dried raisins or shredded carrot. The perfect marriage between those ingredients and the honey mustard dressing consumed on a bed of fresh green Lolo Rosso lettuce… Its love ladies & gentlemen…


The most interesting part is that no matter what burger, sandwich or salad you choose, you are guaranteed to be left with a full stomach, the portions are really generous, the ingredients are all fresh and of high quality… (The Mini Guette boss is VERY picky – so picky actually that he scored a whopping 93.61% on his hygiene and food safety assessment for both Mini Guette kitchens). So I was saying, the ingredients are all of high quality, yet, amazingly healthy and light on the stomach.


Then came the Chia bread selection sandwiches: An even healthier selection in addition to the very diverse list of already existing Mini Guette items… Elegant as well… very elegant… Try the Goat Cheese and honey per example… or the Brie Cheese & Berries… or the Bresaola & Fresh Mozzarella… elegance of ingredients, classy marriage of flavors… if at all is possible… those bites of perfection just got healthier… and that’s exactly what they proudly flag on their menu… the food heaven of coach Chicho


Now I heard here and there some voices expressing frustration that the delivery takes a bit more time than it should be (and rightfully frustrated they should be) however to those people I say: Do what I do… order a bit earlier than you would normally, if the delivery is on time then great, if it’s not, well you wouldn’t have lost extra time waiting… it’s a win win solution… (think of all the areas in Lebanon who don’t get to have Mini Guette… yet… les pauvres…)


To conclude my prose, I would only wish Mini Guette further successes in what I hope will be a long long road of expansions… Always remember… the key is consistency…


Mini Gaston


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