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IHOP you like it… (no pun intended)

IHOPed it was good and it really was, It’s been some time since “Moi” have written a review, I had given, for a while, the torch (si j’ose dire) to The Coach… And IHOPed that I’d write back again someday again soon, and what better place to start writing again than IHOP? Yup it just...


A Real Brasserie: Brass Beirut

Ne jouons pas avec les mots voulez vous ? si ? all right if you insist : B’Rass Beirut, there is a Brasserie called “Brass Beirut” simple, clear and genius… the food ? follow me… A simple casual warm atmosphere sooth your senses the very second you step in Brass Beirut (BB pour les amis) very elegant...