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After hearing a lot about it and its international selection of food, my friends and I decided to visit Divvy’s branch in The Village, Dbayeh.


We arrived at about 8 pm and parked our car in the conveniently located parking spots just outside The Village. The location is pretty cool with comfy ambiance and dimmed lights (although the lighting wasn’t perfect for the pictures).


As we entered the place, the nice receptionist welcomed us and escorted us to the table. She presented the menus and directed our attention to a card on the table mentioning the name of the waiter that is going to help us along with his favorite Divvy dish on one side of the card, and the country the waiter would like to travel to on the other side. It’s a unique and helpful idea as it showed a twist in the restaurant and helped us remember our waiter’s name.

Few minutes later, the waiter approached us trying to help us in what to order. He introduced Divvy’s concept of international food and the way all dishes are made for sharing.

 We ended up ordering:

  • Spicy Korean Wings
  • Buffalo Chicken Tortilla
  • Divvy Brie N’ Blueberry Burgers
  • Refined Chicken Tacos
  • Divvy Chicken Burgers

The Spicy Korean Wings is served with a cup of sour cream. They were brown and crunchy with some sesame on the top. They were very nicely done  with a nice sugary taste making it a bit close to the Chinese sweet and sour sauce. The spiciness of the wings is mild as opposed to my expectations and even my friend who hates spicy food enjoyed them.


The Buffalo Chicken Tortilla, also served with a cup of sour cream, were just amazing. The Tortillas were fresh and crispy and the lean boneless chicken wings on top made the overall flavor juicy and appetizing. 


Let’s get into the main courses ☺️! My two friends and I shared all the dishes.

The Divvy Brie N’ Blueberry Burgers is a dish to die for, I seriously fell in love with it. Three appealing mini hamburgers served on a wooden board along with crunchy golden French fries and a small cup of traditional coleslaw salad. The luscious melted Brie cheese with the combination of the blueberry sweet purple sauce on the grilled beef patty and rocca leaves gave the burger a different and superb taste. I seriously can’t remember any negative experience about this dish.


The Divvy Chicken Burgers plate looked typically like the Brie N’ Blueberry Burgers with the same presentation; however, the taste was not special at all. Just a typical traditional homemade chicken burger. Wasn’t really up to our expectations.


The Refined Chicken Tacos was unfortunately the only bad experience in the visit to Divvy. The presentation was nice, as they had a sizzling pan of chicken to be filled in small taco shells, and on the side three dipping cups: guacamole, salsa, and sour cream. However, the smokey flavor alongside the Mexican spices were too dominant, making the chicken taste uninviting and unappealing. The waiter and the restaurant manager noticed that we didn’t like the dish, so they nicely insisted that we choose another dish and suggested the Caramelized Mongolian chicken which happens to be our waiter’s favorite dish.


And it seems it is his favorite dish for a reason, as it was just wonderful. Served with a fine cup of steamed yummy rice. The sticky texture of the  caramelized chicken along with the chopped green onion sticks on top made the dish heavenly delightful.


After we were done with the food, we ordered the famous Nutella Lava Melt, and the waiter advised us to try the DV White Chocolate Blondie.

The Nutella Lava Melt is yummy and rich. It was a big bowl filled with metled Nutella chocolate with a chocolate filled cake in the middle (similar to the fondant au chocolat) with a big chocolate covered vanilla ice cream scoop on top. It was good but not outstanding.


The White Chocolate Blondie is literally marvelous, a big white exceptional cookie stuffed with pink cranberries and melted white chocolate, served in a hot black pan and topped with a vanilla ice-cream scoop. I still can’t forget the chewiness of this Blondie. It is a must try dessert!


The prices are very good and acceptable compared to other similar dining places as we ended up paying about 100$ for all the dishes. The nice suprise is that the “Refined Chicken Tacos” was not included in the bill as we didn’t like it, we salute the good management for this act that showed me how much this restaurant cares for their customers.

It is worth mentioning that the helpful waiters are all very cheerful and exceptionally professional and familiar with all the dishes as they have tried each one of them.

The overall experience was pleasant. I definitely recommend this place if you are into international cuisine restaurants.








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