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…The most attractive trait about her is her persistence… she does not quit, she knows what she wants, she has the passion, she has the creativity, she developed through hard work the knowhow, But most of all… she has a big heart… a sweet heart… as sweet as all the sweets she makes with her magical fingers without breaking a sweat… She’s the one behind the one that made all other ones just another one… She is the beating heart, the soul and all the flavor behind Dulce & Banana…

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Yes, un grand Coeur… that day she gathered us all at Boulevard Beirut for just one purpose, to make some big cupcakes decorations for kids in need…

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And so we gathered all there and split in four groups… driven by the Christmas spirit Dulce & Banana had bestowed upon us that night… and a little as well by friendly competition… just to see who would make the best decoration…

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Dulce & Banana had made some awesome cookies as well and was meticulously trying to write our names on them by turn… you should try some of those cakes she makes… She’s the answer to every kid’s prayer on his birthday for designing the perfect cake… Did you notice those Rudolf the red nose rain deer goody bags she made?

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Chicho left me and went with another team… game on man… let the competition start…

It almost immediately turned to laughter as we all were struggling in using the pastry tools Dulce & Banana had made available for us… that made us only realize how talented she was when seeing her manipulating them with such ease, when, coming to each of us to give us tips and advises…

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Her creativeness went as far as gifting us a ginger bread house kit… with the mention: “build it yourself”, a truly awesome thing that made us sink back in childhood, put a smile on our kids face and contributed to a brighter Christmas

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By now, Chicho (ever so patriotic) had made a nice Lebanese flag decoration on his cupcake… while my team and I went for a more Christmassy approach… I’m not sure we succeeded though… the spirit was there nevertheless and we were proud of our little creation… and I was proud of us… The Team…

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However, the one that was the most proud I guess was Dulce & Banana… She had succeeded to gather all those friends, foodies and bloggers for a good cause, she had succeeded in making a warm event that helped some kids somewhere have a better Christmas…

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Thank you Dulce & Banana for being who you are, thank you for doing that delicious stuff you do… thank you for being you…

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Did I mention she works from home? No? Well she does!

Gaston Le Renne au Nez Rouge

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