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Dining at the CheeseCake Factory

Verdun, is one of the trendiest shopping places in Beirut, also, the most crowded area, holding prestigious hotels and shopping centers … Then came a restaurant, not just any restaurant mind you… a restaurant with an unconventional, yet renowned name… a factory… Cheesecake Factory… a new American chain in Lebanon… The traffic was dense, especially in...


Jap – Nihon no Resutoran

I have always had a fascination for Japanese traditions, history and art which inevitably attracted me to the Japanese cuisine… the traditional Japanese cuisine, not the one we are served here in Lebanon (actually, Lebanese mostly only know Zushi (Sushi) and its derivatives) So it was with great anticipation and pleasure that we were heading...


El Gringo -The Food Truck

The road to Jounieh was… well… crowded… to say the very least… My wife and I were running late to our next food tasting: El Gringo the Food Truck… Food truck? Couldn’t he come to you and spare you the traffic me demanderiez vous? Well yes… valid question, however the answer lies with the Lebanese...