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A Historian Making History: Abdo Restaurant

Away from sophistication & complicated menus, came a teacher, a history teacher: He gave me and my dear friend GSN a lesson of traditions, an old lesson, going back from our jdoudna all the way to our fast present in a timeline of delicious dishes, simple dishes, traditional dishes.


Trapped and Sandwiched

Tonight I was going solo, my dear Chicho was unvailable, and I was honestly dreading this… you see, since the first time I met this “Lebanese Memes Guy” who turned out to be Chicho… who later became The Coach… he kinda grew on me, he not only became my partner, but also my brother in...


Moka & More…

So after the food fiestas we were having back to back that last week, Coach Chicho decided that we should take a break and eat light & healthy… not something I’m honestly fond off, because I mean let’s face it, most of the times healthy food, specifically light food, can be tasteless… I know it’s...



You never turn down the call of a shawarma sandwich… never… it’s an unspoken rule among Lebanese… guys and girls alike… you just don’t… So it did sound like a good idea when we got invited to try this new venue in Byblos, shawarmaholic… the name says it all pretty much… It was pouring heavily...