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After hearing a lot about it and its international selection of food, my friends and I decided to visit Divvy’s branch in The Village, Dbayeh. We arrived at about 8 pm and parked our car in the conveniently located parking spots just outside The Village. The location is pretty cool with comfy ambiance and dimmed...


Maracas – ¡Salud!

It always takes a combination of factors to have the perfect experience in a given restaurant… Sometimes those factors align by pure cheer luck… sometimes they are the result of hard work, great organization, skills and experience… The stars were aligned that night for Maracas in Jounieh… but no matter how bright they were shining,...


El Gringo -The Food Truck

The road to Jounieh was… well… crowded… to say the very least… My wife and I were running late to our next food tasting: El Gringo the Food Truck… Food truck? Couldn’t he come to you and spare you the traffic me demanderiez vous? Well yes… valid question, however the answer lies with the Lebanese...