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Punto Alto: The Glamorous Italian Adventure

It all started when my friend and I decided to have an early dinner at Punto Alto restaurant. The restaurant is located at the entrance of Tripoli in a very nice natural area, on a high hill facing the Mediterranean sea. Punto Alto is a perfect dining destination for all Italian food lovers.   The...


Grandma’s Pizza – Nonna’s Pizza

No no and no, Lebanese Memes guy… Nonna does not mean “nun” are you kidding me right now?, it’s the Italian word for grandmother… and yes… it is derived from the Latin word: Nonnus, but god why are we talking etymology, origins and meanings while we just came in to eat some pizza… Actually, no,...


A night in Venice… Beirut, Lebanon

Once upon a time (Last week actually), on the coast of the Mediterranean sea, where it slowly sinks… (Horsh Tabet really…) we were invited to Venezia restaurant on an event dinner for the purpose of launching their new seafood menu. The night was sweet, few clouds, fresh air, perfect mood for a diner, When you...