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A Historian Making History: Abdo Restaurant

Away from sophistication & complicated menus, came a teacher, a history teacher: He gave me and my dear friend GSN a lesson of traditions, an old lesson, going back from our jdoudna all the way to our fast present in a timeline of delicious dishes, simple dishes, traditional dishes.


Cosmo’s : Cosmopolitain in the heart

  On the Road to Aramoun, we were already arguing Coach Chicho and I about the location: It’s not far from Beirut, nor really, but nowadays, “far” is not measured by the distance, it’s measured more by the traffic intensity… Sad but true fact… Luckily it was noon and roads were fairly fluid, (on the...


From Dawn to Dawn… BtoB

Voyez Vous… After reviewing previous posts of mine, I noticed that I had never explained how I review a restaurant… I will be short: I base myself on its menu, on the service we are supposed to have in connection with that specific menu, on a setup designed for this menu, with food presentation, execution...


A Roadster in a Mall…

The shopping with our new friend “Kiki” from Lebanese Memes didn’t last long… hunger stroke at exactly noon o’clock… Of course we were with the “Lebanese Memes guy” and I think am gonna call him Chicho… Ok? Chicho… Roadster Diner was on a lot of people’s minds, thoughts and walls lately, for alleged bad service, bad quality...