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A Historian Making History: Abdo Restaurant

Away from sophistication & complicated menus, came a teacher, a history teacher: He gave me and my dear friend GSN a lesson of traditions, an old lesson, going back from our jdoudna all the way to our fast present in a timeline of delicious dishes, simple dishes, traditional dishes.


The only One – Sapa

  In the land of the Inca (The Andes Region in South America)… long long time ago lived Inka Quapaq who was the ruler of the Kingdom of Cusco, his title was “Sapa”, meaning “The only one”, the only divinity at the time… Intriguingly, it’s also the name of a hill station in Northwest Vietnam… a...


From Dawn to Dawn… BtoB

Voyez Vous… After reviewing previous posts of mine, I noticed that I had never explained how I review a restaurant… I will be short: I base myself on its menu, on the service we are supposed to have in connection with that specific menu, on a setup designed for this menu, with food presentation, execution...


Pepo’s…? Really…?

Einstein said: “Curiosity is a delicate little plant which, aside from stimulation, stands mainly in need of freedom”… so here I am, free in Saida, Lebanon, looking for a Diner called Pepo’s… Pepo’s? Well yeah, what does it mean? Beats me… but look… let’s be curious and find out shall we? after all we just...