Then came the Rock Shrimps, each one had a bite 5 seconds later we looked at each others… Hmmm this means warrrr, yes we had to fight for the last bite, but again it was worth it.

After that we had the Jalapeño Cheese Balls, if you love spicy food and Phili Cheese you’re gonna drool over that, and then the Exotic Shrimps, that was a sweet mix, well cooked shrimps bathing in a pineapple plate with a mix of veggies not my taste but those around me enjoyed it 👌

To make it worth the wait a plate of Sushi and Maki Rolls in a beautiful presentation were placed in front of us, does that mean another war? Nah we had a deal we added another plate till we were full…


And yes we enjoyed every single moment, enjoyed sharing the moment, the music and the food with beautiful people, will definitely pick those items once again…

Chicho Onassis

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