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IHOPed it was good and it really was,

It’s been some time since “Moi” have written a review, I had given, for a while, the torch (si j’ose dire) to The Coach… And IHOPed that I’d write back again someday again soon, and what better place to start writing again than IHOP? Yup it just opened today and I had (with The Coach) the privilege of trying it today…

First and foremost let me just say that the staff is of a rare friendliness, and obviously well trained. Of course, it was their first operational day and that always comes with its load of “mistakes”… However here the mistakes were insignificant and were funny rather than anything else, it was mostly the nervosity: the staff wanted to do well… And they did…

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It was 4 pm, breakfast items, no matter how tempting they looked (on a very descriptive menu) were not really what we were looking for, (we just wished it was morning time), Anyhow, we went for the IHOP burger supreme burger, beef burger Benedict, bacon and egg omelette tortilla (yeah right, no breakfast items), chicken avocado platter, Californian scramble and we finished with the strawberry cheesecake pancake

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The presentation of the platters was awesome in simplicity, and so was the taste:

My favorite was the chicken avocado, the flavors complimented themselves delivering an excellent dish. The portion was really generous.

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The Burger was juicy, medium well, and surprisingly light on the stomach, I would have just seasoned it a lill bit more, juste un tout pti peu quoi…

The Californian Scramble that apparently won an award in the middle east is gorgeous to look at, very rich in flavor and very heavy on the stomach, if you want to order that, just don’t order anything else except maybe an ice tea like they ace them at IHOPE.

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The omelet tortilla, perfect for a rich breakfast is delicious thanks to the spicy tomato sauce on top of the eggs and avocado, it will surely give you all your body needs in the morning…

IHOPed to finish all the platters but that was physically impossible, The Coach and I were stuffed…

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A pancake? asked a waitress…
No thank you, I replied… An answer that immediately triggered looks reflecting disbelief at the limit of anger… So I was quick to retreat reconsider my answer:

I was joking! I quickly said, Let’s have a pancake…

The Strawberry Cheesecake pancake topped with whipped cream: it only took one bite to make us forget there was no more room in our extended stomachs, just a comment though: we could’ve used more cheesecake between those 4 layers, it should be a tad richer.

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All in all, IHOP is the perfect destination for families, did I mention that kids eat free from Monday to Friday? No ? Ah si, I just did… It is also a great destination for business meetings or if you want to have a great dessert, what was an even greater surprise is that one could have a great lunch and equally great dinner as well… Their menu is just that rich…

They will be seeing us again very soon!

Gaston is Back!

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