Villa Badaro: The Ascent to Heaven…

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It just reminds you of old beiruty houses…

A Villa in the heart of Badaro, bouncing of life, bringing back the green to urbanity… bringing back simplicity and classiness…

The only thing that was warmer than the atmosphere when you step in Villa Badaro is the welcome you receive from their staff… with a head waiter, who, to me was one of the smartest and wittiest in the business in Lebanon. At this point, he is, on his own, a reason to come back to Villa Badaro…

We were a party of four persons, the Coach of course, The Wheelz and the Jocko.

I was still taken by the place since the moment I stepped in, it’s like I was warped into another universe, jumping from modern urbanity to old Beirut of the 70ies, with no specific reason. It was the whole thing, the decoration, the villa architecture, the tiles on the floor, the smell of the air surrounding us, the smiles, the happiness, you rarely encounter happiness nowadays, genuine happiness…


The Edamame, that’s what gave it away… the happiness I mean… We so far had the atmosphere, the great service, and now, after the first bite we discovered the passion… You might want to say: Mais bon sang Gaston ! it’s just Edamame, well oui bien sur, but trust me, there is a secret ingredient used that you will never find in any other place BUT the chef’s heart: his love of food, his love of cooking translated into each bite you take by his Passion… and yes, it does influence the taste, or better, the way you perceive the taste.


The Tuna Tartare with Mango and the Salmon tartare were two dishes dropped straight from Nirvana onto the tables of mortals who barely could decipher the magic of its consistence, freshness and taste, despite being presented In the most simple and classy ways… easy to the eyes but causes love swelling of the palate… our arousal was just starting…


Cheese rolls, how simple is that? Yes? Wrong!!! A mix of Emmental, Gouda, Parmesan and White cheddar… Un mix digne des chevaliers Vikings united on the last supper in Valhala…


Mini Burgers were served, I had a first bite… shivers went through my body and echoed deep down in my core… I couldn’t hide my reaction, I was smiling almost laughing with my mouth full… again, it’s not only the taste, it’s that secret ingredient… it was the passion used to make them… absolutely incredible.

I watched all around me, and pleasure was drawn on their foreheads, in the way their maxillaries were grinding the food, their eyes closed maximizing the tasting sense and live the moment…


My tenderloin steak was cooked rare to perfection, the only weight of the knife was enough to cut through it… not a single drop of blood… just perfect, the chef, knows exactly what he is doing and why. A dish straight from the table of Zeus on the mount Olympus that jolted my senses and got me one step closer to perfection… until those desserts…


The Cookies à la mode and the fondant au chocolat were the door-way to Elysium … A paradise of senses in ebullition, overloaded with pleasure… a perpetual orgasm that does not stop with the last spoon, but goes on with each thought of the taste you have in your mind, where you hide your shameless secrets… My hand trembles still today and my body shakes at the thought of the experience.

I can’t wait to come back to this place… recommended especially for couples who wants their night to end well… and wake up together with a smile…

Gaston au Paradis

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