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On the Road to Aramoun, we were already arguing Coach Chicho and I about the location: It’s not far from Beirut, nor really, but nowadays, “far” is not measured by the distance, it’s measured more by the traffic intensity… Sad but true fact…

Luckily it was noon and roads were fairly fluid, (on the way back not so much), so the real question here is: Why would a “non local to Aramoun” get in his car, face traffic and go eat at Cosmo’s?

Answer is as simple as it gets: You get the promise of good quality food, menu diversity under one roof and incredibly affordable prices. This combo right here is exactly why the traffic and the bother are worth it.

It’s located inside a mall on its rooftop with an incredible view on Beirut and specifically the airport, where, like a little toddler, was waiting anxiously to see a plane land or take off…

The waitress Lama has an unforgettable smile, a tiny piece of a girl filled with professionalism, she knows how to handle her guests and knows perfectly well her menu and does not hesitate to give her advice on dishes. That also shows wisdom from the management who made her and other employees taste their food… there is no better salesman in a restaurant than a happy waiter who knows the menu.


We ordered for starters the picante chili con carne and the Canadian poutine: both a delight to the palate, they both needed tiny tweaking to be perfect, the picante chili con carne was a little low on the meat, but that didn’t take anything from the great mouthwatering taste.


The Poutine was a bit over seasoned (the gravy spices) but you just couldn’t stop having just another bite, especially with the melted cheese on top stretching with each fork grab… delicious.


Coach Chicho had the Cosmo’s burger if I recall correctly and according to him, it’s one of the best: even better than ones made by a close friend, who the coach promotes with every breath he takes… That shocked me a bit, but if the Coach says it is so… then it must be so.


I went for something that I was craving for sometimes now: the Spicy curry chicken with yellow rice.

It took me to my KSA years, very nicely done, the only comment I have on it is probably about the green peppers inside, they were cut a tad too big and too thick and didn’t blend well in the mix, without though, affecting the taste.

I will be coming again for sure, and do recommend it to all… make the effort… try this restaurant

Gaston le Cosmopolitain

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