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You really don’t need fancy decorations… not when the food is good and mostly not when you have a friendly, warm and smiley waiters… Cheers Maria!

It’s been sometime since I’ve written, so my fingers are rusty… squeak squeak… very rusty… but the oiling food passion machine always takes the upper hand “si j’oses dire” and words flow on the keyboard just like that wonderful beer filling my long tall big… cup

The company was tremendous, I mean friends, funny ones who share the same passion for food and here we were all at Outdoor Kaslik going through what seems to be like a never ending menu, so diversified it scared me.

I really didn’t know what to order and that’s not necessarily a good thing. You see, as I said, they have a huge diversified menu, however, all the items are common, with nothing that draws your attention or is flagged as special, neither by name or picture nor by description or ingredient: Just an endless list of food that you can find almost anywhere…

So in Outdoor, you can go all out Lebanese mezze or have international dishes or even have your sushi served like in any sushi joints. Mais, car il y a toujours un “mais” the food was really good.

Truly the food was way above average: I’ve tasted almost all dishes that my friends ordered (and trust me they were many) and ordered myself some regular mozzarella sticks that turned to be seriously amazing (had to re-order a second one cuz my erm… friends devoured them)


I also had a Coeur de filet “rare” that was served with fries and mushroom sauce. The filet looked a bit dry from the outside, however was perfectly cooked as ordered. Too bad that in Lebanon they don’t let the meat rest a bit (5 min) before serving it, they would avoid having all that blood flow when you cut the steak… The meat was tender enough (not the best but good enough) and the taste was there.   That’s all what I can ask for really.


Then again, nothing of the dishes stood out, not in taste, but in presentation and mostly in creativity: Just your regular dishes. The prices they offer on the menu however, are really competitive comparing to any nearby restaurant while keeping a very satisfying level of food quality.

One of their strong points was the food service: Our waitress Maria, had to endure all the usual foodies jokes including mine, but she kept her smile, friendliness and professionalism, so big thanks to you Maria for being an example.

For food and arguileh lovers (pas moi) it’s a heaven that won’t end up hurting your pocket. Give them a visit and enjoy.

Gaston Indoors (cuz fi ken fi hawa)

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