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Bareo GastroPub: Sensual By All Means

May I have your attention please… HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A GREEN EMERALD BEFORE????????? You can see a huge ass one on Badaro street and it is called Bareo GastroPub!!!!!!!!! This humble yet marvelous place has scored a 9/10 on the MUFT!!!! Honestly I wasn’t expecting Bareo’s food to make me so EUPHORIC. I was...


Beit Halab: Beitna Nihna Kamen :)

Oh ya Beit Halab…what have you done!!!! This Syrian restaurant scored a solid 8/10 on the MUFT. I went there with no expectations whatsoever. As we entered, the very polite hostess greeted us with a nice smile and we were escorted to  a comfy table positioned right in the middle of the restaurant…but we felt...


All Hail Mr. International

Oh Mr. International… you have definitely earned a spot in the MUFT’S top 5 Snacks!!! But if it was for me, I would change the name to Mr. Freaking Hot that is because everything on your menu would make anyone sweat with JOY!!!! I went there with some of the BEST people I know.. The...


A Real Brasserie: Brass Beirut

Ne jouons pas avec les mots voulez vous ? si ? all right if you insist : B’Rass Beirut, there is a Brasserie called “Brass Beirut” simple, clear and genius… the food ? follow me… A simple casual warm atmosphere sooth your senses the very second you step in Brass Beirut (BB pour les amis) very elegant...