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It always takes a combination of factors to have the perfect experience in a given restaurant…

Sometimes those factors align by pure cheer luck… sometimes they are the result of hard work, great organization, skills and experience…

The stars were aligned that night for Maracas in Jounieh… but no matter how bright they were shining, I don’t believe they had anything to do with the incredible evening we had…


When you step into Maracas, you immediately feel the positive vibes of his people, the waiters, supervisors, owners/partners… you can even smell the positive (spicy) vibes straight out from the kitchen… You also are taken straight into a Mexican… or should I say taken back centuries to the time of the Maya, Aztec and other Incas, as the décor inside is directly inspired from that period, like a Mexican museum of the old civilizations that ruled once the south American continent…
It’s the spicy smell though, that puts all this beauty back into the background of your mind and set back into the 21st Century in a very real Mexican restaurant…

There is also one factor that, combined with all this makes the venue even better : friends

The Coach was here, The Zomato team and hey! nice to meet you Foodenberg! Such a hilarious guy…

But let’s get back to why Maracas is one the best, if not the best Mexican restaurants in Lebanon:


The appetizers were unique, creative, very nicely presented but most of all… the taste: una fiesta starts in your mouth of a savant mix of meat or chicken, guacamole, sour cream, salsa, mixed cheese, pico de gallo, fresh avocado and oh my god the seasoning… that was right there the secret of the success of each of the Al Pastor mix, the quesadillas, the chiquilla and the Chimichanga : THE SEASONING


It’s a mix of je ne sais quoi spices straight out of Mejico that forbid you stomach to be filled despite the generosity of the servings, the spices always made me come back for more… me and the foodenberg specifically, which wanted me to try something off of the proposed menu: a real chili con carne. The Chef obliged, and withing 10 min presented us with a “I will never forget it’s taste” dish sided with a secret mix of a hot spicy spicy spicy spicy hot and spicy sauce… did I mention it was hot spicy ? and hot ? and spicy ? mon Dieu how it was… hot and spicy… yet so delicious.. the chili con carne was to die for… the spicy sauce.. well we adopted it as a dip for all appetizers… THAT GOOD YEAH!


Came the salads, as in to refresh and cool down your tongue and pallet after the fiest of tout a l’heure.


I wasn’t crazy about them but they were good, The Mexican ceasar salad was ok and the Maracas Salad was creative, both could have a little extra something, not that they weren’t tasty, but they weren’t as glorious as the appetizers. (Mind you, our palets might have been saturated with all the hot n spiciness as well)


We were just discussing about the content of that secret hot n spicy (u get the picture) sauce with our new friend Foodenberg when the Fajita dropped on our table with all its aroma and voluptuous looking chunks of chicken and meat… I had thought I was full… then came the effect of the spices… no… I wasn’t full… and I was in for a treat… rolling a fajita using the taco soft bread is a love story… you have to gently lay the sour cream first then introduce the black beans, spread some guacamole and add on top a bit of onions… then the heart stopping seasoned to perfection chicken slices or beef… or both I don’t care… Santa Maria… sorry… 1 min I’ll be back…

… … …

Ok back… had to get a tissue paper to wipe the drool off of my arm… this food made me senile…


And just when ur about to think the festivities are over… that your presented with ice cream… Ice cream ? well yeah but not just any ice cream : FROZEN STRAWBERRY TEQUILLA ICE CREAM SHOTS, I can’t explain.. check the pictures… or better yet… go to Jounieh… check in to Maracas and have the Mexican trip of your lifetime in Lebanon

What do you mean no dessert… mais bien sur que si… just go taste please ? ok ? great…


Gaston el hombre

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