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It was sunny, it was noon, and we were scouting Hamra streets… Coach Chicho and I were hungry…  I was feeling like Asian food and the closest one to us was chopsticks (voir Grand Prix Chopsticks Dbayeh: )

But hey… Wait a minute, what’s that opened just next to chopsticks, no wait… it’s IN chopsticks… part of it… they are both opened on each other from the inside with a clear sign above the alien: TRI-S

Now I couldn’t in all honestly figure out what TRI-S stands for… a trinity of something? A Trio? Could be… for me though, it was saying: TRI-us… TRI-us… TRI-us… OK OK enough of that sound in my head already…

So it was a Japanese restaurant mostly, with apparently the option to order from Chopsticks and vice versa should you want to … which is cool.  But the options here were inevitably sushi…

Display 1

To be honest… we were worried about the quality we were gonna presented with, lately, chopsticks hasn’t been on top of his game but still presenting descent enough food. The only way we were gonna find out anything was to go in and try. (Try-us… Try-us… Try-us…) ENOUGH!!!

-Hello! Said Nejmeh, welcome to Tri-S, where would you like to be seated?

Nejmeh was apparently the only waitress in the restaurant, but to be fair it was a small restaurant 5 or 6 tables maximum on the sidewalk of main street Hamra. Nejmeh was also one of the few VERY professional waitresses I have encountered in Lebanon… Courteous, quick, efficient, trying to upsell without pushing, she sees all what was going on on our table without apparently having to look… which requires a special kind of skills involving room awareness.

Display 2

We went for two platters: The Maki Lovers and the Hiroshima… without any pun intended… both were DA BOMB!

Display 1

Easily my new favorite sushi place, not because it was the best sushi I’ve had in Lebanon… no… (I’ve had better) It was really the sum of these combination:

  • Quality and Freshness of the Food
  • Quality and Professionalism of the service
  • The Atmosphere: Hamra Main street

Oh there you go… three reasons one Combination: TRI… I give up for the S – laissez moi tranquille hein!

Display 3

I wanted as well to add that value vs quality was really good, I’ve eaten in much more expensive places with much less satisfaction.

Display 7

We left happy and filled, with a smile on our face and a promise to come back… for the good food, and for Nejmeh… speaking about Smile… all you need Nejmeh is to smile a little to be near perfect.

Gaston tried them…


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