Not so Classic Burger…

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It’s a new branch and it was just on our left in Zouk Mkayel, however we were on the wrong side of the highway, and a detour from inside Kaslik away…

It’s also a new menu, new add-ons on the already successful list of Classic Burger’s items

The joint was absolutely packed… It’s very small yet very welcoming… There was a small crowd just outside as we were making our way in… Luckily, some people were just leaving so we were almost immediately seated.

Display 1

… And immediately served… with a rather disappointing appetizers, now don’t get me wrong, they tasted good, however, this is the opening of a new branch, you know what I mean ? It should have been something more interesting than cheese fries and Jalapenos & Fried Onion rings, no matter how good they were…

Display 3

This was followed by the Classic Platter, the crispy fish burger, the protein bowl and the house gravy chicken

Display 9

The Classic platter was very interesting to look at and honestly triggers drooling… I mean, it’s a double open faced served patties with melted American cheese and a fried egg on top, at this point… you pretty much don’t see the iceberg and the pickles underneath the meat… the classic sauce was and still is a success with this dish… the fries were amazing… the Burger itself ? Well… a classic… personally, I would have served some crispy bacon on top of the egg and market it as a brunch item… it misses truly the crunchiness of the bacon…

Display 8

The Crispy Fish Burger was a total surprise to me, voyez vous, I don’t like fish burgers, never had, they tend to be oily… soggy… and blank in taste… I almost didn’t want to taste it… How glad I was that I did. First of all it was PERFECTLY fried, not soggy, no oily, very crispy… it apparently is made from a fancy fish filet coming for the very very far away New Zealand, I wasn’t listening honestly to the explanation of the very capable and professional Yolla… I was experiencing a good, tasty, crispy generous piece of fried fish filet in a burger… the only issue? Well I thought they should add a little more of that delicious tartar sauce… that’s it…

Display 6

Coach Chicho was attacking the protein bowl, and I wasn’t surprised, I knew he would be interested in that item because it probably fits his protein diet, he is very adamant on protecting his 6 packs… Anyways, it’s a creative dish addressing a specific audience… no fries here… no buns… just a juicy beef patty on a bed of greens… while I totally get the concept, I personally wouldn’t come to Classic Burger to order that meal, it’s good, mind you, but it’s just not as appealing (to me) as the other goodness they serve.

Display 5

The House Gravy Chicken on the other hand was a total Yumm… I love grilled chicken, I love gravy, I love mustard sauce, I love sautéed mushrooms… and that burger brought them all together… my favorite of the bunch. Each bite was a perfect combination of those flavors…

All in all? Goooood, The secret of success of Classic Burger is probably its simplicity in delivering a straightforward goody packed burger while keeping a descent level of diversification… the quality and freshness of his ingredients goes as well a long way in making him a destination of choice…

Gaston a la sauce tartare

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