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Spin The Hen

Neat, lit and clean… combining simplicity of design with wood, Spin the hen is certainly an interesting concept… but what is it really? Well it’s just another snack gone fancy… We (Coach Chicho and I) have ordered what should be his star item : the roasted chicken, and although it was of good quality, roasted...


Tri-S… Try-us… Try-us

It was sunny, it was noon, and we were scouting Hamra streets… Coach Chicho and I were hungry…  I was feeling like Asian food and the closest one to us was chopsticks (voir Grand Prix Chopsticks Dbayeh: ) But hey… Wait a minute, what’s that opened just next to chopsticks, no wait… it’s IN...


Maison Mmmmmmm

SoMe letters of the alphabets have Many Many Meanings, soMe are siMply Magical, they transforM and take different forMs, they also can transforM and enhance an experience… You don’t believe Me? Okay, let’s take per exaMple the letter M… M stands for Many things in language… It seals your lips when you’re unable to express...