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So after the food fiestas we were having back to back that last week, Coach Chicho decided that we should take a break and eat light & healthy… not something I’m honestly fond off, because I mean let’s face it, most of the times healthy food, specifically light food, can be tasteless… I know it’s a Prejugé, but it’s one that is on point.

So we were Striding in our shoes that day… in Le Mall sin el fil when what seemed to be the perfect place popped in front of us… what I mean to say really is that we found ourselves in front of it… but who cares how I write my metaphors yeah? Right… thought so…

Nice neat tables in a very well-lit area, really gave a clinical impression of cleanliness, a cute little waitress approached our tables and handed us the menus… I really was reluctant and wasn’t looking forward to this… I was hungry… like really hungry? You know that feeling when you’re totally convinced you could eat an elephant? Or your partner… (Depending if you have a room or not) well… I was really hungry… I think you got the picture… (God I hope so…)

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So I started going through that menu, and I gotta say, they do make those sandwich look good, no doubt about that, you could almost smell the cheese out of the pages, wait oh, I’m sorry, there was actually cheese smell coming from the kiosk. What do you mean what Kiosk? Oh true true, my bad… I haven’t actually said where we actually ended up sitting… so yeah, we were at Moka & More.

We ended up having the Bistrot Tartine for the Coach and the Ciabata Tuna for me… I could really eat both, but when the coach says enough… well… it’s enough.

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The Bistrot Tartine was nothing else than the foursome of fresh onions, green bell pepper, red tomatoes and  Sweet Onions on a bed of ciabatta bread covered with a layer of melted mozzarella cheese and the special M&M sauce, le tout saupoudrée with Oregano… The taste was simple yet satisfying… I mean… chicho was satisfied, he ate and it was light…

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My Tuna sandwich was a classic, but a bit more complex in flavors, which I appreciated, it had that good quality tuna fish with mixed with pickles, oregano, corn and mayo lemon sauce, and oh yeah there was some iceberg leaves in it… It was honest to God delicious, with that fresh lemonade I had ordered. The mayo tuna mix was bringing warmth to my heart through its developing flavors in my drooling mouth… bringing a bit of comfort to my empty soul (I mean stomach here) and to my surprise, I found myself really enjoying a light meal…

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After we left, about fifteen minutes later, my hunger feeling vanished, despite the fact that I had left the table hungry… with no permission to eat more from the coach… (I hate strict coaches, but hey, I understand it’s for my wellbeing…)

Moka & More, allow us to congratulate you on your simplicity and cleanliness, also for the efficiency and swiftness of your staff, We will… I mean, I will be back (without the coach) so I can have more of your sandwiches goodness…

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