The Pizza Hut Surprise

Chicho and I were on our way back from Byblos, after a disappointing experience there… hungry… it was raining and we would have settled for anything… however, it’s the new outlet of Pizza hut on the Jounieh Highway that caught our attention… why not… let’s stop and have a pizza…

It’s only when we entered that we realized it was actually a new branch… it was flambant neuf… event the staff seemed shiny…

We were greated at the door with a large smile and escorted to our table…

The menus were there, we went quickly through them and decided for 2 large Italian crust pepperoni and super supreme Pizzas, along with garlic cheese bread and fries


As we were closing the menus, the waitress magically appeared in the most professional of ways to take our orders… We were honestly surprised at the level of attention digne d’un grand restaurant…

She explained that there was an offer in direct connection with our order, (which ended up saving us almost half the total bill)

The fries and Garlic bread arrived at the same time, golden crispy, fresh out of the fryer… good old fries…


The Garlic bread however, and again here to our surprise, was absolutely amazing, the perfect amount of garlic under an exquisite blanket of melted cheese… the aroma was so captivating… the taste even more…


Pizza’s are here !!! and they are huge… I didn’t recall the large pizzas were that big and suddenly we felt bad about ordering that much, there was no way we could finish all them…


Now just look at that pepperoni slice… follow the “meltiness” of the cheese… (I know I keep on inventing new words… free speech right?) What is really weird is that it tastes nothing like the ones we order at home… It is so much better when devoured on the spot right out of their oven…


The Super Supreme was also a heart breaker… with the pepperoni still my favorite though… the toppings were all fresh and crunchy, you could taste each and every one of them in each bite…


The dough was croustillante with the perfect thickness…

The Store manager enquired about our experience two times and was really professional and friendly.


The staff are perfectly trained, the restaurant very clean (bearing in mind it’s new)

Way to go Pizza Hut… If only you could find a way to deliver that experience right to our homes… you would be without competition…

Gaston The Hutt


  • Dear Gaston

    I have read your experience at Pizza Hut and I am glad that it was a great experience for you and your friend Chicho! Thank you so much for your time and effort to write all your experience and capture pictures!

    I hope each time you visit Pizza Hut your experience would be a remarkable one!

    It would be nice if you please send us your contact information, so we can contact you and invite you to our restaurant one more time!

    Thank you again
    Sami Shaker


    • Dear Mr Shaker,

      Thank you for your kind words, however here, allow me to be the one who thanks you for runnning a professional successful team in your new outlet Pizza Hut Jounieh Highway… All we did was report faithfully our experience there… There is absolutly no need to invite us again and we heartuflly thank you for your gesture, we will be surely visiting again soon one of your other branches for what i hope will be another successful experience.

      With the kind regards of the Yummy Lebanon Team


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