Cocoa & Co : The Story of A Chocolate Warrior Princess

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You could write a lengthy review about a place, about a person, use metaphors, descriptions… dig deep in the “tournures” of the language to pass a message, however sometimes… sticking to what simply is true does wonders…

Publish 1

Because I mean, here she is… Mme Hala Audi Baydoun… sitting in front of me with a smile only a great mom can give, with an assurance only a veteran business woman can have, with a forehead that depicts pride in a humble way, only like a person who suffered can show…

My friend Chicho (you should know by now he is the Lebanese Memes Guy) immediately labeled here as: Warrior Princess… He had whispered it in my ears, and I smiled looking at her letting his words sink in my mind…

Publish 4

She is a warrior, one who fought many battles and won, against illness and against odds, and this love for life she has? This humbleness… it radiates from her affecting positively all her surrounding, making each bite of her cookies unique… I realized suddenly how her fight and determination against illness directly impacted my life: I wouldn’t be sitting here, hearing her story, admiring her work and savoring her sweets hadn’t she won…

She had started her business from home… struggled through each and every step up in life, powered through all obstacles and here she was… smiling… apparently stronger than ever…

Publish 6

She had opened her first business few years later, then started expanding ever since… yet, it still seems, talking to her… that it’s still the beginning of a long road… filled with new ideas, and targeted new directions…

Will she win the entrepreneur woman award of the year? I honestly don’t know… what I do know though, is that she should… What she does is simple and successful: Draw a smile on your face through delicious creations that will impact you forever.

Publish 5

It is simple, you will never forget the taste of her sweets…


Don’t forget to show your love by clicking on: and vote for Cocoa & Co. and support her for the 4th Annual Brilliant Lebanese Award 2015 for best woman entrepreneur, I know that i did !

Gaston Le Humbled

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